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Gary, or as he's more commonly known "Panama" is a diverse graphics designer/rapper and blogger. Keep watch of his graphics design here along with hip hop news.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

My apologies.

Posted by Panama

I know I've been away from updating this page in a while and I apologize for that, I know it's just excuses but I do have school and work. But to anyone who follows my blogs, thank you for watching. And to any newcomers, feel free to look around, check out my work, leave comments or email me for requests at gary.panama@yahoo.com. I'll email you back with what I can do, hmm... what else...

Ok it's still in the planning stages but I'm working on building an actual page with a more professional portfolio which is going to contain only business type work and prices on anything I do, please just bear with me and I'll have us on that page eventually, I promise.

Now I'll quit babbling.

I'll start off with this weeks mixtape, this is a guy who I met at a forum that I'm often at
www.emceefederation.com go ahead and check them out. Anyway, this guy is named Kannon, he recently joined GEF and started postin his work and I was blown away by this guys talent. So check out his album, show some love and give some support to KANNON.. Just click on the capped name to follow the link.

Now the next thing on the list is a mixtape cover I made for another one of the GEF members.

And finally just on a bored night workin on a new style of signature.


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