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Gary, or as he's more commonly known "Panama" is a diverse graphics designer/rapper and blogger. Keep watch of his graphics design here along with hip hop news.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Eminem - The Warning

Posted by Panama

Just downloaded this song last night, this song's awesome!! He totally rips up both Mariah and Nick. If you don't know what's goin on with this, Eminem has been mentioning Mariah Carrey for a while in his songs at random times. Anyway this year on the Relapse album he made a whole song for both Mariah Carrey and her husband Nick Cannon called Bagpipes From Baghdad.

Now of course Nick can't really rap, or do much of anything else for that matter so he came back at Eminem by writing about the song and his opinions on Em on his blog. Mariah responded to this personally by writing the song Obsessed in which she had an Eminem mock up. So this song is basically Eminem responding after all this just happened. Follow the link below please...

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Fitri said...

woow eminem likes punisher, hmm i like eminem song, btw is this new album of eminem?? where i can download it?? can you give me the link....

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