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Gary, or as he's more commonly known "Panama" is a diverse graphics designer/rapper and blogger. Keep watch of his graphics design here along with hip hop news.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009
Posted by Panama

Just listened to this song last night. These guys all killed this song, another hit straight off the top. If I was gonna say I have favorites in this song I'd say Eminem and Drake did the best. This was a sick collaboration though, I hope to hear more tracks like this comin out.

Oh and one more thing to say, ppl please don't post your religious views about the illiminati, freemasons or anything like that. Your comments will be deleted, I don't care about your feelings about these organizations, I'm not going to change the music I support just because you disagree with it. In the description and everything it says that I'm going to keep up with hip hop music, this means Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake and various others. Regardless of how "evil" you may believe they are. If you're so "christian" it's not your job to be the judge of these people anyway, if you believe you're "christian" leave the judgement to God and stay out of it. Thank you very much.

(The above statement may not apply to all, this is to certain people who felt like leaving comments I don't agree with on MY blog)


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